Thank you… and more opportunities to harvest

Thank you to twenty volunteers who worked VERY hard and very productively to provide 1730 pounds of cabbage, turnips, rutabaga, kale, and some collards to those in need.           image

1500 pounds is on its way to residents that live in food deserts in our community.

There is still more to be harvested!
As per Sidi Limehouse, farmer, “the field will be too wet for gleaning tomorrow because of today’s heavy rain” so we have cancelled tomorrows gleaning. We have scheduled another joint Fields to Families and Oasis gleaning for Friday, January 16th at 10 AM to pick more cabbage, turnips and rutabaga and we will glean again on Monday January 19th at 9:30 with the College of Charleston and OASIS and Fields to Families.
Please sign up to participate in the Friday and/or Monday gleanings. It is Martin Luther King Weekend and children are off from school Thursday, Friday and Monday. While we will again be needing knives and children will not be able to cut the vegetables from their stems, all the children who participated yesterday had a great time just carrying vegetables and enjoying the fresh air and the experience of handling food fresh from the earth, so bring the family! If you are a first time gleaner for OASIS, please register at Since we are still experiencing problems with our email, so please sign up at
Again, thanks so much to all of you…


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