We need your help

Sunday January 11 at 11 AM at Rosebank Farms                                        Contact oasis_1@aol.com for extended Sunday hours

Tuesday, January 13 at 11 AM at Rosebank Farms
Sunday, January 19, MLK day. Time TBA

Please help us clear the field at Rosebank Farm! There are collards and cabbages to be cut. We need many hands to do this enormous job. Sidi Limehouse, the owner of Rosebank Farms has gone out of his way to accommodate to our needs and to our schedule. It is pay back time! We need to get those cabbages and collards out of his fields and into the stomachs of those that are hungry. We have scheduled a gleaning for Sunday, January 11 and another for Tuesday, January 13, to do this big job. Please help us by volunteering to clear the field. This is a major work effort and while you can bring your children, this is not encouraged for this gleaning since knives and machetes are necessary for cutting the thick stems and children are not equipped to do this job. They will only be able to participate by carrying the cut produce to boxes for transport. Thank you for your help. This is a big harvest and as many hands as possible are needed. Contact OASIS_1@aol.com for more information.

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