Happy New Year

According to Chinese belief, the firecrackers you might have heard last night will drive away the evil spirits! I hope it will drive away excessive rain, heat, bugs and blight so that 2015 will be a banner gleaning year! We are grateful to all of you, our volunteers, for the generosity of your time and energy with which you have supported our efforts in 2014. Since May of 2014, when OASIS was founded, all of the produce you so willingly harvested, and graciously donated by Sidi Limehouse of Rosebank Farms, helped us to distribute almost 13,000 pounds of fresh vegetables to the residents of the North Charleston Food Desert. The produce you harvest goes directly to families with children and the elderly and supports TriCounty Family Ministries, an agency that serves more than a thousand meals a week to residents of the North Charleston Food desert. We hear comments like “Oh my, the kale and tomatoes were a hit.” or “We have now served five camp sites with a total of 175 children. Priceless!” or “Holy smoke…some of these taters are HUGE” and constant notes of appreciation from recipients of the produce you provide. Please know that OASIS accepts these words of appreciation on your behalf. You are providing good health and sustenance and hope for the future to those in need.

The following is an excerpt from an email sent to us by the Senior Coordinator of the North Charleston Recreation Department who facilitates the distribution of the produce you harvest to more than a dozen sites in the North Charleston food desert. It was sent after a harvest of green beans and corn that she was distributing to the parents of children being picked up from an after-school program. She writes “Yesterday was an amazing day for sixty plus of our children in two of our after-school programs. I had the opportunity to meet and greet many of the parents and one especially grabbed my heart strings. It was actually the Grandmother picking up her grandson and when I offered the bag of corn and beans, she exclaimed, ‘what a blessing, my mother has been wanting some fresh green beans!’ Her elderly mother was sitting in the car and just smiled with joy! And yes, I gave her an extra bag of beans! Made my day, reminded me that what we are doing matters, and said a prayer of thanksgiving for all of those that make this endeavor possible.” You indeed make this endeavor possible! She also wrote “For all the folks that made this good happen thus far, I am humbled by your labor and grateful to just be a small part of the endeavor.” We are also humbled by your labor and are extremely grateful to all of you for bringing sunshine and hope into the lives of those that have so little.

Have a wonderful and fruitful YEAR! We look forward to peace and health and well being for our donors, volunteers, our supporters, and the people whom we serve.

Oasis… please volunteer to help, by harvesting produce or donating your other talents, to help us reach more residents living in food deserts.  Contact us at oasis_1@aol.com

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